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Download The Game And Some Other Stuff


Get Snes9xW (451 KB)

This is the zipped Windows-Emulator. The zip-file is in its original stage.

I'd Rather Have The DOS-Emulator

I'd say that this one is better (fast forward, 10 save (mirror) files, better graphics, but weaker sound).
But if you're not in the mood for DOS, or don't know how to configure DOS-stuff (vesa, soundblaster), get Snes9xW.
Of course, there is much explanation 'how-to' in the zip-file, but this means more effort, too.


Download The Game (1.2 MB)

Unzip, play, fun.


Get The Icon (40 KB)

This icon is actually a screenshot made with Snes9xW (converted to bmp, saved as .ico).
Create a link on the desktop, calling the exe-file of your emulator, and add the OgreBattle-filename (standard is ogrebat.smc, and if you put that file into your emulator-directory, you don't need the path to add) as parameter.
Finally, set this icon.

Ask me if you got problems, that's no shame! (in contrast to Windows).



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Download Other Games For The SNES


Super Mario World (340KB)

Kirby's Dream Golf (600KB)

Street Fighter II Turbo (1.6MB)

Indy Car Racing (906KB)

Mario - Wario (448KB)

NHL 94 (666KB)

Prince Of Persia (614KB)

F-Zero (417KB)


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