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So you got your SNES emulator and downloaded the game? And it works?
O.k., let's start.


If you have SNES9XW (I use it, it's quite jango), start it, configure everything, load the game.

You will already have noticed that the extension of the game-file is .smc. At SNES9XW, you can save your status by pressing [F3] and load it again by pressing [F2]. We will come to that later (yes, there IS stuff to talk about!). OgreBattle is a game that uses fixed memory - your hard disk. Once you saved, you will find a file in your OgreBattle-directory named 'ogrebat.srm', or 'ogrebattle.srm', depending on the name of the game.

OgreBattle checks (indirectly) if there is a file with the extension .srm. If there is not, in the main menu the cursor is on 'New Game'. You know, there is a bug, caused by the emulator (it's a background-bug)and so you don't see well if your are on 'New Game' or 'Continue (Load Game)'. But the solution is simple: push SELECT. Again. You will see the cursor (the red rotating something) switching from the right to the left. Go to the left. Press START or A to enter character creation.

Warren will 'guide' you through the creation process. After entering your name, Warren will ask you some questions. These questions define your stats. .:!IN PROGRESS!:.

After the creation process, you are in the world menu (i'm just gonna call it that way). You got 3 options:
edit units - change options - save/load game

Go to the edit units menu. Select view status. You see a blue windows with five characters in it. Check out their stats and their abilites. Look at your own stats (you are the Lord). I will give you a little explanation of this screen:

Sorry for the page to be not finished yet!
Well, I got a life besides my PC and SNES too!


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