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' T h e M a r c h O f T h e B l a c k Q u e e n '

The sage Rashidi,
perhaps driven by madness,
assassinated his former
friend King Gran Zenobia
and joined with
Empress Endora,
leader of the northern
to wage war
on four kingdoms.

The overpowering military
of the highland legions
took but a year to subdue
the whole continent, and
the Zeteginean Empire
was born.

The rules of the Empire was
a pure regime of terror.
Merciless persecution was
directed against the loyal
survivors of the old
kingdoms and those who
would escape tyranny.
The hearts of the people
where troubled by secrets
and betrayals and much blood
was split upon the land.

Imperial Year 24

Here on the frontiers of
Sharom the last survivors
of the knights of Zenobia
were planning the final challenge...




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