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The Tarot Cards


First, I'm gonna talk about the cards & their effects in battles.

TC (tarot cards) can be got in 2 ways (at the beginning of the game, you are equipped with some).

There are 22 TCs. You are able to carry 14 at a time. Each TC has it's own effect, some more useful, some less.
The most frequent way of getting them is by liberating cities. You know, you got your unit down there, and play liberating/running: You liberate a city, get a TC, go some steps away, the enemy comes, retakes it, you beat the enemy, reliberate the city, get a TC, and so on. The effect of all this after rerererereliberating a city: Your stats rise. Using your emulator, EVERYTIME you are asked about drawing a card, always save before answering. In combination with liberating/running, you got a cheap way to boost your stats.

In map-mode, you can acces TC-information by pressing X, select 'Tarot Cards', choose the one you are interested in and push SELECT. Generally, information is brought to you by pressing SELECT. But this doesn't work in battle-mode.

That's were my text-file comes in spot.

This text-file show all TC in order of their number shown in one of the intros (what this number is about, I don't know).

View The Text-File Now

But TCs have an other effect, too.

As I said before, everytime you liberate a city, you can draw a TC: the drawn TC effects the unit that liberated the city.

Each TC has it's own effect, for example:
the strength of your unit's characters is upgraded by 2, or the alignment of your unit is decreased by 1, or you get more charisma. Or night changes to day. Or any TC drawn later effects all your units.



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