Some Pictures From The Game


On the lower right side is my unit. I got a vampire in the front, and a cleric and a gryphon in the back. My enemies are 2 cockatris' (upgraded gryphons) and a hawk man.

This blue window show the remaining hitpoints of my characters.

After 2 rounds, 2 enemies are defeated. Just the cockatris remained, and look what it did to my gryphon. This is the special attack of the cockatris, it petrifies the enemy, who remains at the battle, but is unable to fight.





The red screen indicates the life-status of my enemies.

The leader of my unit (yellow) is a vampire (the leader is always shown representing the unit). The sword is the cursor. The gray unit is hostile. The blue blocks are cities or temples.. Blue indicates that this city is already liberated, in contrast to a red status, if the city or temple is ruled by your local enemy.. As you see, it is after midnight (the moon in the clock is positioned up-right). 397538, that's my cash!

After liberating this town in the early afternoon, someone from the town is asking me for help.

With the cursor I inspected the enemy unit. Shown is one of the enemies' units' character.

I liberated a city and am allowed to pull a tarot card. Fortune is the card I get.



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